How to choose bed linens?

Looking for information about bed linens? We are here to offer it all. Buckle up.

How you choose to decorate your home reflects on your personality. After all, everything you own is an extension of you. When people think of aesthetically decorating their homes, they think of furniture and paintings. Seldom do people consider how important bed linens are. Think about it. Let’s say guests come to stay at your house. The room you give them is beautiful. Except from one thing- i.e., the bed linens you chose do not go well with the décor. This is why selecting bed linens appropriately is very important.

Here are some of the factors that you must consider when selecting bed linen:

  • Threat count. Even though it is no longer a credible reflection of quality, thread count still matters. This is because many choose to use cheap fabric yarns to increase the thread count. However, generally, a 400 single pick sheet is known to be crisp.
  • Material: You must decide which fabric you want. It all boils down to your preference and what makes you comfortable. Remember, you will be spending at least six hours on your bed. Make sure you select a material you are comfortable sleeping on. Linen sheets are perfect for warm climates and durability.
  • Pattern: The kind of pattern the bed sheet has will govern whether it goes well with your room décor or not. Decide what the tone of the room is and then select a design accordingly.
  • Seasonality: You don’t necessarily need to worry about seasonality when it comes to bed linens. Merely adding blankets and covers according to the needs of the changing season are usually enough. However, if you wish to change things up every season, go for seasonal prints like flowery bed sheets for springs and darker colors for autumn.

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